Lenovo A3000 Hard Reset

On the test I will use Lenovo A3000-H.

Let’s get started. Turn off the tablet if it is possible, if not, we still press and hold the power key and the volume up key at the same time until the following menu appears:

Recovery Mode
Fastboot Mode
Normal Mode

Press the volume up key to select the desired mode, and go to the volume down key. In our case, let’s move on to Recovery Mode.

There was a robot, we put the power button on and another menu will appear. In it, on the contrary, by the sound reduction button we select the necessary operation, and the magnifications will be performed by it.
First we choose and execute “wipe cache partition“, later “wipe data/factory reset” and at the end we execute “reboot system now“, the device will reboot with standard settings and without user data.


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