Logging on BDCOM GP3600

I will give an example of setting up logs on the BDCOM GP3600 series.

Let’s see the current logs and log settings:

show logging

Usually “Buffer logging” is disabled, so if you need to write logs to the device’s memory, enable them (in byte 4096-2147483647, default – 4096):

logging buffered 100000
logging buffered debugging
logging on
service timestamps log date
service timestamps debug date


logging trap errors

The list of logging levels can be viewed with the command:

logging buffered ?

If debug is not enabled, then there will be no debug messages in the logs, that is, the level of logging can even be specified by debug.

An example of viewing not all logs, but a certain level (from 0 to 7, 7-debug):

show logging level 4

See also my article:
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