Monitoring Linux ISG in Zabbix

Today I wanted to monitor Linux ISG sessions in Zabbix.

By entering the command on one of the servers:

/opt/ISG/bin/ show_count

Saw the following:

Approved sessions count: 2021
Unapproved sessions count: 2

The Zabbix agent on the server has already been installed, so it opened its configuration file (in the nano editor, the Ctrl+X keys for the exit, and y/n for saving or canceling the changes):

nano /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf

Invented and added the following code:

UserParameter=isg.approved, /opt/ISG/bin/ show_count | grep "Approved sessions count:" | awk '{print $4}'
UserParameter=isg.unapproved, /opt/ISG/bin/ show_count | grep "Unapproved sessions count:" | awk '{print $4}'

We will allow Zabbix agent to work as root with the user specifying:


Restart the Zabbix agent to apply the changes:

sudo /etc/init.d/zabbix-agent restart

On the Zabbix server, create an ISG template, add the data elements to it, specifying the type – Zabbix agent, and the keys: isg.approved, isg.unapproved.
Create graphics for the created data items.

Apply the template to the desired nodes of the network.


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