nload – monitoring network interface bandwidth

nload – network interface bandwidth monitoring tool with graphical display in the terminal.

Installing nload on Linux Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install nload

In CentOS:

sudo yum install nload

View Help:

nload -h
nload --help
man nload

Nload start examples:

nload devices ens1f0
nload -t 200 -i 1024 -o 128 -U M

I will describe some options for running nload:
-a NUMBER The time interval in seconds to calculate averages.
-i max_scaling Graphic scale in kilobits/sec of incoming traffic.
-m Displays data across multiple interfaces, the graph is not drawn.
-o max_scaling The scale of the graphics in kilobits/sec outgoing traffic.
-t interval Time to refresh the screen in milliseconds (default is 500ms).
-u h|H|b|B|k|K|m|M|g|G Units of measure for network traffic speed counters.
-U h|H|b|B|k|K|m|M|g|G Units of measure for counting the amount of traffic.
devices Specifies devices (default is all).

Function keys nload:
F5 — Save current settings to configuration file.
F6 — Load settings from configuration file.
Enter, Down, Right, PageDown, Tab – switch between devices/pages.
q — Exit the program.

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