OID and MIB list for PBI tuners

For example, I will use PBI DCH-1400P.

You can check from Linux, for example, with the command:

snmpwalk -v2c -c COMMUNITY OID

I will describe some OIDs:

. (C/N (dB), divide by 10)
. (Eb/No (dB), divide by 10)
. (Packet Length (Bytes))
. (Strength (dBm))
. (Total Bit Rate (Kpbs))
. (Valid Bit Rate (Kpbs))
. (Tuner Lock)
. (Video status)
. (Audio status)
. (BER (dB), the result is given in the form of 2005, and is translated by the formula xy0z = xye-z, get 2.0e-5)

In Zabbix, for example, to divide the result by 10, it is necessary in the data element where the “User Multiplier” indicates “0.10”.

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