Online diagnostics Cisco Catalyst 6500

In this article, I will describe the Cisco Catalyst 6500 online diagnostic commands.

View a small list of system status checks:

show diagnostic health

An example of starting and stopping the diagnostics of a specific module (instead of N, you must specify the test number):

diagnostic start module 5 test N
diagnostic stop module 5

The module number can be seen in the list of modules:

show module

The diagnostic report and the list of possible test numbers for the module can be seen, for example, by running the commands (the system does some tests automatically, so you can see their results):

show diagnostic content module 5
show diagnostic result module 5
show diagnostic result module 5 detail

An example of starting and stopping all possible diagnostics (this will affect the operation of the device, as well as at the end it will be necessary to reboot the device before further use, you cannot also run other tests at this point):

diagnostic start system test all
diagnostic stop system test all

View CPU, memory and power supply loading:

show processes
show processes cpu
sh proc cpu sorted 1
show processes cpu sorted | ex 0.00
sh proc cpu hist
show processes memory
show power
show power available
show power used
show int | inc line protocol | packets/sec

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