SNMP MIBs and OIDs for MikroTik

Today I made Zabbix templates, I started doing first under MikroTik RouterBOARD SXT-Lite2 (2nDr2).

Some OIDs can be found by running the following commands on the device:

system resource print oid
system resource cpu print oid
system health print oid
interface print oid

SNMP should be enabled on the device, in IPSNMPCommunities added community and should check IPSNMP to Enable.

From Linux, you can check the OID command:

snmpwalk -v 2c -c public .1

I will describe below a few OIDs that I used.






CPU load:


Define the index of interfaces by looking at their description:


LAN traffic (I have an index of 1):


WLAN traffic (I have an index of 2):


Total memory and how many are used:


CPU frequency:


mac addresses of LAN and WLAN:


Packages with errors in/out on the WLAN interface (I have WLAN under index 2):


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