Solution of error “The transceiver type is not supported by port hardware” on HP A5800

I noticed once on the switch HP A5800 Series Switch JC103A, when inserting the module Foxgate SFP-1SM-1550nm-10SC (10km), the following error:

%Apr 26 12:18:56:384 2000 HP OPTMOD/4/MODULE_IN:
 GigabitEthernet1/0/24: The transceiver is UNKNOWN_SFP_PLUS.
%Apr 26 12:18:56:524 2000 HP OPTMOD/5/CHKSUM_ERR:
 GigabitEthernet1/0/24: The checksum of transceiver information is bad!
%Apr 26 12:18:56:674 2000 HP OPTMOD/3/TYPE_ERR:
 GigabitEthernet1/0/24: The transceiver type is not supported by port hardware!

Alternatively, you can try running the command:

transceiver phony-alarm-disable

But in my case this command did not help.
Also noticed that the error did not occur when inserting a similar module is not at 10km, but at 3km – Foxgate SFP-1SM-1550nm-3SC 3km.

The problem was solved by updating the firmware of the switch, as I did in the article – HP A5800 Firmware Upgrade
I updated the firmware from “A5800_5820X-CMW520-R1809P11” to “A5800_5820X-CMW520-R1810P13”.
After the upgrade, both modules were working and there were no errors in the console.

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