Sending Asterisk voicemail to multiple emails

Let’s say the voice mail is configured as I described in the article – Setting up voicemail in Asterisk.
There is the following context:

207 => 1111,Username,,,attach=yes|tz=ua|delete=yes

If you want to send a voice message to several email addresses, then instead of, for example, testmail:

207 => 1111,Username,testmail,,attach=yes|tz=ua|delete=yes

Then open the /etc/aliases file in a text editor:

sudo nano /etc/aliases

And let’s specify aliases for testmail:


For the changes to take effect, you need to update the alias database with the command:

cd /etc
sudo newaliases

Done, Asterisk will send a message to testmail, and it will be automatically forwarded to the specified addresses.

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  1. Easier for me was voicemail.conf to create a mailbox for the other person I want to receive the voicemail. Then in extensions.conf use Voicemail(mailbox1&malbox2)

    Or in voicemail.conf in the mailbox enter the second address separated by the “|” piping symbol. This method shows all recipient in the email header.