Solution: This computer already has a more recent version of Google Chrome

Once I encountered such a situation when Google Chrome was installed on the computer with a bad auto-installation script, later it was updated (due to which two Google Chromes were displayed in the list of installed programs), and even later it started to work very poorly. Clearing the cache did not help and Google Chrome was removed, but since it was not installed correctly, it was not completely removed, two Google Chromes remained in the list of installed programs, when Google Chrome was removed again, it simply disappeared from the list. When trying to install a new Google Chrome, an error was displayed:

This computer already has a more recent version of Google Chrome. If the software is not working, please uninstall Google Chrome and try again.

After Google Chrome was no longer in the list of programs, in the Control Panel – Uninstall a program, I deleted the directory with its files C:\Users\ixnfo\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome, but this did not help, the installation error was still was displayed.

Then I opened the start menu and typed regedit, in the registry editor I pressed the key combination Ctrl+F and typed Google, and began to delete all entries related to Google Chrome, to continue the search I used the F3 key. I want to note that you don’t need to delete everything where the word Google occurs, but only entries in the registry about the Google Chrome application, for example, where you can see the path C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\, for example Google Chrome in \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\RegisteredApplications, etc., usually they are at the end of the registry, the entries where the word Google just met, we skip the F3 key.

After that, the clean Google Chrome browser was successfully installed.

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