SQL queries for Zabbix

I will write some useful examples of sql queries for the Zabbix database:

Search for a host by name:

SELECT * FROM hosts WHERE host like '%name%';
SELECT * FROM hosts WHERE name like '%name%';

Find the data items of the specified host:

SELECT * FROM items WHERE hostid = '10105';

Find the history of the values for the specified data item:

SELECT * FROM history WHERE itemid = '24526';

Delete the whole history of the data element until 01.11.2014 (the time is specified in Unix format, converters can be found through the search engine):

DELETE FROM history WHERE itemid = '24526' AND clock < '1414800000';

Delete all data history until 01.11.2014:

DELETE FROM history WHERE clock < '1414800000';

Massively changed the interval and dynamics of changes to the data elements of templates and hosts, I have the following queries (the first identifies the template ID or host, the second changes the intervals):

SELECT * FROM `hosts` WHERE host="Template ICMP Ping";
UPDATE items SET delay=3600 WHERE hostid=10105 AND delay=600;
UPDATE items SET trends=180 WHERE hostid=10047 AND trends=365;

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