Installing system-config-samba

system-config-samba – a simple application for configuring samba with a graphical interface.

Installing by the command:

sudo apt-get install system-config-samba


sudo system-config-samba

Allows you to add shared folders, samba users, assign permissions to folders, etc., all changes are saved to samba configuration files.

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Monitoring Samba in Zabbix

I will give an example of monitoring the number of running Samba processes, as well as creating a triggering trigger when there are no running processes.
In a system with Samba, a Zabbix agent must be installed.
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Create a template, for example, with a name “Template Service Samba” and add the following data item to it:

Name: Number of processes nmbd
Type: Zabbix agent
Key: proc.num[nmbd]

Similarly, we create for smbd.
You can also create data items that represent the amount of memory used by the process, in which case the key will look like this:


And also add graphics for them.

Now add a trigger for each process to see when the process is not running:

Name: Does not work nmbd on {HOST.NAME}
Expression: {Template Service Samba:proc.num[nmbd].max(1)}<1