TeXet TB-116FL firmware update

Before updating the firmware, it is necessary to save all the information available in the memory, since all data will be deleted, as well as remove the memory card from the electronic book.

Next, download the archive with the new firmware from the link below (Support – Downloads) and unzip to any directory

Run the file “teXet FW updater.exe” as an administrator by right-clicking on it and selecting “Run as administrator”. After opening the program, the firmware file will be automatically selected, if this did not happen, it must be selected manually. Click “…”, select a file, for example, “teXet_TB-116FL_firmware_v1.1.img” and click “Open.”

The next step will be to connect the e-book to the computer using the microUSB cable provided and pressing the “Mode” button. Windows will ask you to install a driver for an unknown device, which is located in the previously unpacked directory “Driver”.

After installing the driver, the message “Device in LOADER mode” appears at the bottom of the program window, then click “Erase IDB”. At the bottom, the message “The device is in MASKROM mode” will appear, and then click “Update”.

After a few minutes, the firmware will be updated. During the update, you can not press the buttons on the e-book and disconnect the USB cable!
Upon completion of the update process, the message “Successfully” will appear in the program window. You must click the “Exit” button, disconnect the book from the computer using safe removal of the device.


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