Sending e-mail through the console utility Blat in Windows

Official website for downloading the program:

To execute commands with the program, you need to go to the directory where it is located, either specify the full path, or copy to the system directory.

Help for the program can be obtained by running the command:

blat -help

I will give an example of commands to send:

blat textmsg.txt -u -pw test -to -f -s "Subject text" -server -attach file.txt
С:\Blat\blat.exe -body " " -u -pw test -to "," -f -charset utf-8 -s "Subject text" -server -attach С:\Blat\ -log С:\Blat\log.txt -timestamp

To execute a command with a mouse click or from startup, you can save it to a text file with the *.bat extension and EOM 866 (DOS-866) encoding if Cyrillic characters are used.

textmsg.txt (text of the email message)
-body “text” (text of email message)
-u (username for connection)
-pw (password for connection)
-to (email recipient)
-f (email sender)
-s (message subject)
-server (send server address)
-attach (name of the attached file to the email message)
-log (log file)
-timestamp (timestamp for each event)

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