The solution of the error “Kernel failure” and “Out of memory” in Mikrotik

There was a problem, often began to reboot itself MikroTik CAS125-24G-1S-RM.
The firmware at that time was the last one – WebFig v6.9
The following information was displayed in the logs:

System rebooted because of kernel failure
Out of memory condition was detected
router was rebooted without proper shutdown

Having looked in “system” -> “resources” it was evident that the free memory of the device is constantly decreasing.
Then I began to recall what was involved and configured on the device.
Bumping into and looking “Cache Used” in “IP” -> “Web Proxy” it was evident that the size of the cache is constantly growing.
From here it was clear that when the device’s memory was running out and the kernel crashed.
Therefore, the solution to this problem was to restrict the proxy cache by specifying the maximum size in the “Max. Cache Size“.

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