How to remove hiberfil.sys file

The file hiberfil.sys is created and used by the operating system for the correct operation of the sleep mode. When the computer goes into sleep mode, all data from the RAM is stored in this file. The size of this file is usually not less than the amount of computer RAM (RAM).

If you need to delete the hiberfil.sys file, you will have to disable sleep and hibernation on your computer. To do this, open “Control Panel” -> “Power Supply” -> “Power Scheme Setup” and in the window that opens, click “Never” and click “OK” in the opposite window.
Next, you need to type the following command in the command line or “execute” (Windows + R):

powercfg -h off


powercfg –hibernate –off

and click “OK”. The hiberfil.sys file will be deleted automatically.
If you suddenly changed your mind and decided to return to hibernation, then you can run the command:

powercfg -h on

These manipulations must be performed on behalf of the administrator.

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