The warning solution “The MaxMind Geolite databases will soon be deprecated” in Cpanel

Once launched a server security check by clicking “Check Server Security” in “Main” – “Plugins” – “ConfigServer Security & Firewall” and saw a warning:

Firewall Check
CC_OLDGEOLITE option check
The MaxMind Geolite databases will soon be deprecated, disable CC_OLDGEOLITE to start using the new Geolite2 databases

This option determines which database to use, the old MaxMind Geolite or the new MaxMind Geolite2.
If the option “CC_OLDGEOLITE” is 1, which is in my case, then the old one is used, and if 0, then the new one.

To enable the use of a new one, open the CSF configuration for example in the text editor nano:

nano /etc/csf/csf.conf

Find the option CC_OLDGEOLITE and change its value from 1 to 0:


In the nano editor, the Ctrl+X keys are used to exit, and y/n and Enter to save or discard the changes.

After the changes, restart CSF by clicking “Firewall Restart” in the menu “Main” – “Plugins” – “ConfigServer Security & Firewall”.

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