UBNT. Solution “Not enough free memory to upload Firmware image”

One day I decided to update the firmware on the Nanostation M2 and noticed the following error:

Not enough free memory to upload Firmware image. Please reboot device and try again.

I used the XM.v6.3.2.33267.200715.1657.bin file and the following version was installed on the device:

Firmware Version: XM.v6.0
Build Number: 30097

When clicking the “Check Now” button, an error was also displayed:

No connection to www.ubnt.com from device.
Go to Ubiquiti Networks downloads page.

I remembered similar problems when updating firmware from other manufacturers, which were solved, for example, by updating to an intermediate version, so I downloaded the file XM.v6.1.1.31776.171010.0940.bin from the official website https://www.ui.com/download/

Used it when updating and the update was successful, without errors. After that, I did not flash the XM.v6.3.2.33267.200715.1657.bin file, but just clicked “Check Now” and the firmware of the same version was automatically loaded into the device, then I clicked “Update” and it was installed.

This is how I solved the given error.

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