Updating the GoIP4 gateway firmware

On the test, I’ll update the firmware on two Chinese GoIP4 GSM gateways, the old and the new type.

First, open the web interface of the device and go to the menu “Tools” – “Online Upgrade“.
There we will see the version of the current firmware installed.
I had – Current Version: GS-4.01-96.

Now let’s see if there is a new one here
and if there is, then copy the link to it.

Copy the inserted link in the field “Upgrade Site:“, in my case was http://www.hybervoice.com/update/GS-4.01-99.pkg for old goip4 and http://dbltek.com/update/GST1610-1.01-68.pkg for new goip4.
Click the “Start” button to start the upgrade process.

At the time of updating, it is not possible that the power of the device is lost.
At the end, the device will restart itself and display the message that the update was successful.


I also saved the firmware here:

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