How to remove “New User” in Asterisk CallerID

I noticed once that when incoming calls from the Goip4 gateway on SIP phones, not only the caller’s number is displayed, but the name “New User” flashes alternately with the phone number, which is obviously superfluous and hinders.

After viewing the Asterisk configuration files, I noticed some standard values in the /etc/asterisk/users.conf file in the general section, namely:

fullname = New User

Which need to comment out:

;fullname = New User

And restart Asterisk to apply the changes:

sudo service asterisk restart

Done, now with incoming calls only the phone number will be displayed.

SMS sending script via Goip4 gateway

Here is an example of a script written in PHP, for sending SMS messages through the Goip4 gateway.
The script receives data from the SQL database with a query and alternately sends SMS to each number, and also writes an entry about sending it to a special sms table.
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