Using the acct utility

The acct utility allows you to see statistics of user activity in the system.

Installation in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install acct

Removed in Ubuntu with the following command:

sudo apt-get remove acct

Installation in Fedora:

su -c 'yum install psacct'

Running in Ubuntu:

/etc/init.d/acct start

Running in Fedora:

su -c 'service acct start'

I will list and describe several commands of the acct utility:
ac – statistics on the time spent by users in the system
ac -d (per day)
ac -y (in a year)
ac -p (individual statistics)
ac –version (display version of the utility)
man ac (help on the team)

sa – information about executed commands and running applications
sa -c (statistics in percent)
man sa (help on the command)

lastcomm – last executed commands
sudo accton on/off – on and off collection of information

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