VPN Error Codes – List and Description

Briefly describe a list of possible VPN error codes:

600, 601, 603, 606, 607, 610, 613, 614, 616, 618, 632, 635, 637, 638, 645 (An internal Windows error occurred, you must restart your computer, if the error persists, you need to check your computer for viruses)

604, 605, 608, 609, 615, 620 (the phone book file and the current configuration of remote access to the network are incompatible, you must restart the computer and re-create the VPN connection)

611 (Windows network configuration incorrectly configured)

612 (similar to 611 error, but may also occur when there are not enough system resources, for the solution it is necessary to close unnecessary running programs)

617 (Internet connection is in progress or an internal Windows error has occurred)

619 (VPN connection security settings are incorrectly configured)

629 (the connection was disconnected due to poor communication quality or after unsuccessful negotiation)

630 (the connection device was disconnected due to a hardware error, reinstalling the network adapter drivers may help)

633 (connection device is already in use)

635 (an error occurred on Windows)

642 (the computer is given a name already in use on the network)

646 (user is not allowed at this time)

647 (account disabled)

648 (password has expired)

649 (account does not provide for a remote network connection)

650 (VPN server is not responding)

666 (communication device does not work)

667 (cannot read .ini file)

676 (line busy)

678 (VPN server is not responding)

691 (wrong username or password, or your account has run out of funds)

718 (problems with authorization on the server)

734 (the operation of the PPP channel control protocol was interrupted, it is necessary to uncheck the box “Data encryption is required” in the connection properties in the “Security” tab)

735 (VPN connection not configured correctly)

741, 742, 743 (encryption settings are incorrectly configured)

789 (wrong type of VPN connection selected)

800 (no access to the VPN server)

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