Configuring ETP48100-B1 with Huawei OLT

In this article I will show how I connected the ETP48100-B1 power supply to Huawei MA5608T.
Huawei ETP48100-B1 is very powerful and heavier than similar models, it is 48V 50A, but from the minuses – batteries cannot be connected to it, that is, it does not have a UPS function.

First, I pulled out the PMU11A and turned off all DIPs, that is, set them up (usually the first two are on by default).

Then I crimped the cable, on the left side the usual ethernet crimp, I connected it to the CONSOLE/ESC port on the MCUD1 OLT MA5608T, and on the right I connected the crimp to the COM_OUT port on the PMU11A ETP48100-B1.

1 (white-orange)7 (white-brown)
2 (orange)8 (brown)
3 (white-green)
4 (blue)1 (white-orange)
5 (white-blue)2 (orange)
6 (green)4 (blue)
7 (white-brown)
8 (brown)

I also changed the speed to 9600 by running the command on the OLT:

emu baudrate 9600

After that, I added emu (since all DIPs are turned off, we get subnode 0):

emu add 2 smu 0 0 ""

Let’s see the status and make sure that the EMU state is normal:

display emu 2

After that, you can start setting up, the setting is similar to other power supplies, for example, see my articles:
Setting up ETP4830 A1 with Huawei OLT
Connecting and configuring EPS30-4815AF with Huawei MA5600

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