Connecting and configuring EPS30-4815AF with Huawei MA5600

On the test, I have OLT Huawei SmartAX MA5683T and EPS30-4815AF.
Connect them with a regular twisted pair patchcord with RJ45 connectors.
From the OLT side, we connect the cable to the ESC port on the control board, and on the EPS30-4815AF to RS485.
After this, the OLT will be able to send commands to the EPS30-4815AF.

Open the OLT console and add EPS30-4815AF:

emu add 1 POWER4830L 0 0 4815AF

If the required model is not in the list, you can choose a similar one, as I did, for example, instead of 4815AF I chose POWER4830L, at the end of the line 4815AF is just a note.

Now let’s move on to managing added emu:

interface emu 1

Let’s look at the current parameters:

display power system parameter
display power environment parameter

Using the question mark “?” you can watch the available commands and subcommands.

The standard settings were 100Ah and a battery test every 60 days.
With the following command, I changed the period to 30 days and the battery capacity to 26Ah (as they were going to connect four batteries in series to 12V / 26Ah which were idle):

power battery parameter 0.15 30 1 26

After the settings, we’ll exit the emu 1 interface settings and save the configuration:


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