Configuring NTP on Huawei Quidway S2300

I will show an example of setting up an NTP client on Huawei Quidway S2300 series switches so that the time on the switch is synchronized with the time on the NTP server.

Let’s see the current time:

display clock

Let’s see the current settings:

display current-configuration | include ntp-service
display current-configuration | include clock

Specify the time zone:

clock timezone KIEV add 02:00:00

We also specify the transition to daylight saving time:

clock daylight-saving-time KIEV repeating 04:00 last Sun Mar 04:00 last Sun Oct 01:00

Using the example, I indicated Ukraine, where at 4 am on the last Sunday of March, daylight saving time is added, that is, +1 is added to the current time zone, and at 4 am, on the last Sunday of October, the transition to winter time is performed (-1 from time zone). That is, in winter the time zone is +2, and in summer +3.

Switch to elevated privilege mode:


Specify the NTP server with which you want to synchronize time:

ntp-service unicast-server

Let’s save the configuration:


Let’s check the time again and make sure everything is set up correctly:

display clock

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