First make a copy of the configuration file on the tftp server:

backup startup-configuration to

To configure the PIM on the HP A5800 switch, connect to the switch via telnet and enter the following commands:

1) Enable the multicast routing switch and pim-sm in vlan 963 which comes from the provider.

multicast routing-enable
interface Vlan-interface 963
ip address
pim sm

2) Turn on pim-sm and igmp in vlan 964 on which IPTV will be broadcast to the local network.

interface Vlan-interface 964
ip address
pim sm
igmp enable

3) We’ll assign the static ip from which the multicast is broadcast.


4) Add the route to ip from which the multicast is broadcast.

ip route-static Vlan-interface963

5) Suppose that we accept multicast on vlan 963 tag.

interface Bridge-Aggregation1
port hybrid vlan 963 tagged

6) We will configure any free port for iptv verification and connect to it a computer for example with a playlist in the VLC player.

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/5
port access vlan 964

To test the health and diagnostics, you can use for example the following commands:

display pim interface
display pim interface verbose
display pim rp-info
display pim bsr-info
display pim neighbor
display pim routing-table
display igmp interface
display pim control-message counters
display pim claimed-route

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