Speed limit on D-Link switch ports

We will use the bandwidth capping command “config bandwidth_control
Write it in the following order:

config bandwidth_control PORTS rx_rate no_limit/VALUE 64-1024000 tx_rate no_limit/VALUE 64-1024000

The value is set in kilobits, for example, to limit the client at port 5 of the incoming rate to 50 megabit, use the command:

config bandwidth_control 5 tx_rate 51200

View bandwidth_control parameters:

show bandwidth_control 5

An example of limiting the incoming and outgoing speeds of 1 megabit per port from 1 to 24:

config bandwidth_control 1-24 tx_rate 1024 rx_rate 1024

To remove the limit use the command:

config bandwidth_control 1-24 tx_rate no_limit rx_rate no_limit

You can configure it via the web-interface by opening the menu “QoS” -> “Bandwidth Control” and you need to specify the parameters in the cells and click the “Apply “.

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