Configuring sFlow on D-Link Switches

sFlow – Traffic analysis protocol, similar to NetFlow.

Enable/disable sFlow on the switch:

enable/disable sflow

Viewing parameters:

show sflow
show sflow flow_sampler
show sflow counter_poller
show sflow analyzer_server

Adding/modifying the sFlow analyzer server:

create/config sflow analyzer_server 1-4 owner NAME timeout 1-2000000(sec)/infinite collectoraddress ADDRESS collectorport udp_PORT maxdatagramsize 300-1400

Example of removing the sFlow analyzer server:

delete sflow analyzer_server 1-4

Creating, modifying, deleting the sFlow polling counters:

create/config sflow counter_poller ports NUMBER/all analyzer_server_id 1-4 interval disable/20-120(sec)
delete sflow counter_poller ports NUMBER/all

Create, modify, delete sFlow sample ports:

create/config sflow flow_sampler ports NUMBER/all analyzer_server_id (1-4) rate value 0-65535 tx_rate value 0-65535 maxheadersize value 18-256
delete sflow flow_sampler ports NUMBER/all

I will give an example of setting:

enable sflow
create sflow analyzer_server 1 owner Linux collectoraddress collectorport 6343
create sflow counter_poller ports 1 analyzer_server_id 1 interval 20
create sflow flow_sampler ports 1:1 analyzer_server_id 1 rate 1000 maxheadersize 128

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