Install and configure nprobe

Suppose we installed ntopng as I described in this article – Install and configure ntopng That is, they selected the necessary package at and downloaded it: Install nprobe if it is not installed: To receive NetFlow data and transfer it to ntopng, create a file (in the nano editor, press CTRL+X to exit, y/x […]

Configuring sFlow on D-Link Switches

sFlow – Traffic analysis protocol, similar to NetFlow. Enable/disable sFlow on the switch: Viewing parameters: Adding/modifying the sFlow analyzer server: Example of removing the sFlow analyzer server: Creating, modifying, deleting the sFlow polling counters: Create, modify, delete sFlow sample ports: I will give an example of setting:

Setting up and using Traffic Flow in Mikrotik

Enable Traffic Flow on the Mikrotik router: View settings: Specify the IP address and port of the computer that will receive the Traffic-Flow packets: or View settings: To configure through the GUI, the settings can be found in the menu IP -> Traffic Flow. For monitoring under Windows, you can install the program ManageEngine NetFlow […]

Opening and analysis of files created with NetFlow

Here is an example of viewing statistics: You can see the flow-stat tips by typing: I will give an example of exporting data to another format (for example, in csv, which can then be opened in windows by any convenient program): You can display the list with the specified source address with the following command: […]

Installing and using flow-tools

Flow-tools – a set of utilities for sending, collecting, processing, analyzing NetFlow data. Install a collector that will receive statistics from sensors: Open the configuration file, for example, in the text editor nano (Ctrl+X to exit, y/n to save or cancel changes): We comment everything and add a line at the end: The -w switch […]

Installing and using trafshow

trafshow – a utility for displaying traffic statistics passing through network interfaces. Since the utility is included in the Netdiag (Net-Diagnostics) set, everything is installed together. You can install Netdiag and trafshow in Ubuntu / Debian using the following command: In CentOS/RedHat/Fedora: Command viewing guide: Simple launch: I’ll describe the possible startup options: -v (view […]

Installing and using softflowd

Softflowd – NetFlow network traffic analyzer. You can install in Ubuntu/Debian using the command: After installation, you need to open its configuration file, for example, in the nano editor (Ctrl+X for exit, y/n for saving or canceling changes): And specify the parameters, for example: After the changes, perform a restart: Let’s look at the statistics […]