Configuring the D-Link DES-3528 Switch

Today I configured the next switch D-Link DES-3528.

I will lay out the configuration below and briefly describe it.
When typing commands, you can use the TAB key so that the switch offers options, and after any command through a space, you can write a question mark “?” and see possible subcommands.

To view the current switch configuration, use the command:

show config current_config

Let’s get started.
We connect to the switch with a console cable at the speed of 9600 or at the standard IP address and add the administrator (initially the login without login and password):

create account admin admin

Enable password encryption so that it is not stored in the config file open:

enable password encryption

Add vlan for management and for users (I have 207 core for management, 226 for users, 25 use port as uplink):

create vlan core tag 207
config vlan core add tagged 25
create vlan local_smart tag 226
config vlan local_smart add untagged 1-28
config port_vlan 1-28 acceptable_frame admit_all pvid 226
config vlan default delete 1-28

Change the IP address of the switch and specify the gateway:

config ipif System ipaddress vlan core
create iproute default 1 primary

Let’s enable the restriction of broadcast traffic on client ports:

config traffic control 1-24,26-28 broadcast enable action drop broadcast_threshold 100 countdown 0 time_interval 5

Enable loop protection on client ports:

enable loopdetect
config loopdetect recover_timer 300 interval 10 mode port-based
config loopdetect log state enable
config loopdetect ports 1-24,26-28 state enable
config loopdetect trap loop_detected

Enable traffic segmentation so that clients do not see each other:

config traffic_segmentation 1-24,26-28 forward_list 25
config traffic_segmentation 25 forward_list 1-24,26-28

We will enable DHCP server locks on the client side so that they do not distribute IP:

config filter dhcp_server ports 1-24,26-28 state enable
config filter dhcp_server illegal_server_log_suppress_duration 30min
config filter dhcp_server trap_log enable

Let’s specify which IPs are allowed to log on to the switch (so that users do not see it):

create trusted_host network snmp telnet ssh http https ping
create trusted_host network snmp telnet ssh http https ping

Set up SNMP if you need it:

enable snmp
delete snmp community public
delete snmp community private
delete snmp user initial
create snmp community NAME view CommunityView read_only

Turn on the protection against BPDU flood:

enable bpdu_protection
config bpdu_protection recovery_timer 2400
config bpdu_protection log none
config bpdu_protection ports 1-24,26-28 state enable
config bpdu_protection ports 1-28 mode drop

Enable switch protection so that if the processor is fully loaded, you can go to it:

config safeguard_engine state enable utilization rising 100 falling 95 trap_log enable mode fuzzy

If necessary, configure the time synchronization with the NTP server:

enable sntp
config time_zone operator + hour 2 min 0
config sntp primary poll-interval 5000

This completes the basic configuration of the D-Link DES-3528 switch.

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