D-Link DES-1210-28/ME firmware update

On the test, I will use the D-Link DES-1210-28/ME rev.B2 switch with firmware 6.07.B002.

Download the new firmware for DES-1210-28 / ME for the necessary revision from the official site

At the time of this writing, I downloaded the version rev.B2 v6.07.B072.
After downloading, put the firmware file on the TFTP server.
If you want to see how to start the TFTP server in my articles:
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Now we connect to the switch via telnet or console cable and execute a command that shows the revision and firmware version of the switch:

show switch

Run the command that will download the firmware to the switch from the TFTP server:

download firmware_fromTFTP DES-1210-28-B2-6-07-B072-ALL.hex

Run the reboot command so that the switch boots up with a new firmware:


Is done. After updating the firmware, the switch settings have not changed.

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