D-Link DGS-3612 Firmware Update

On the test I will use the D-Link DGS-3612 switch with firmware 2.84.B48 and Boot PROM: 1.10-B09.
I will update to version 3.00.B42.

I will describe the update procedure:

1) Download the new firmware from the official site (there they are referred to as DGS-3600)

After downloading, put the firmware file on the TFTP server.
If you want to see how to run the TFTP server in my other articles:
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2) Connect to the switch via telnet or console cable and see what version of firmware is installed on the switch:

show switch show boot_file

3) Make a backup copy of the configuration just in case:

upload cfg_toTFTP dest_file 3612.cfg

4) Upload the firmware to the switch with the TFTP server command (the firmware file needs to be renamed shorter, since the switch file I sometimes didn’t accept the switch):

download firmware_fromTFTP src_file RUN3.HAD dest_file unit 1 C:\ RUN3.HAD boot_up

5) The last step is to reboot the switch, enter the command and press “y” for the reboot agreement:


After updating the firmware, the switch settings remained unchanged.
I updated the firmware remotely via telnet.

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