Examples of Zabbix Triggers

I will give some examples of triggers for Zabbix.

Let’s assume there are data elements, starting from them we will create triggers.

An example of a trigger informing that traffic on the switch port is more than permissible:

Name: Incoming port traffic > 70 Mbit/s at the office {HOSTNAME}
Expression: ({TemplateName:ifInOctets.1.last()}>70M)

For all UPLINK ports of switches and other devices, it is desirable to create a trigger when the port utilization is > 90%, for example, for a 1 Gbit/s port:

Name: Traffic on UPLINK port > 900 Mbit/s
Expression: {ixnfo.com:ifHCInOctets.25.last(0)}>900000000

Incoming traffic jumps of more than 90 Mbps in the last 2 minutes on the specified port:


Another example on Zabbix version 6.2 (power supply below 190 V for the last 3 minutes, while the item is executed 1 time per minute):


Trigger reporting the loss of the link on the switch port when the value is not equal to 1 (I note that when the link disappeared the status can be different from 2, for example when the port is blocked etc., for example 1-up, 2-down, 3-testing, 4-unknown, 5-dormant, 6-notPresent, 7-lowerLayerDown):

The link to the Office3 (21 ports) was lost on {HOSTNAME}

To Zabbix reported the appearance of the link:

A link to the Office3 (21 ports) appeared on {HOSTNAME}

Trigger with a high processor load:

CPU load on {HOSTNAME} higher 70

Change in value > 50 in the last 10 minutes:


The signal level is greater than -7 (and also, to exclude false positives, not = 21474836.47, this figure is given by Huawei MA5600 when the ONU is offline):


Another example (to exclude erroneous values that are below -40, that is, the trigger will work when the value is between -19 and -40):


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