Facebook blocks users after registration

Once used the social network Facebook, deleted the account and a year later, maybe a little more, decided to re-register.
It was around December 2017.
After the registration, I added one photo, Facebook offered to add friends. In the list of suggested friends, I added a couple of friends, and on several unknown people I clicked a cross, hoping that they would not be offered Facebook, I began to correspond with friends, and after a while the message was displayed that the account was deactivated and you need to attach one more photo.
I attached the photo, in the course of the day the account was activated, but after a while it was deactivated again, added the same photo – activated, I was asked for a photo of the passport for the third time, added – activated, later deactivated again and asked for another simple photo, after that the following message was displayed:

You Can’t Log In Right Now.
When we study your photo, we will contact you. For security reasons, we will now exit Facebook from you.

This message was displayed for about two months from 12.2017 to 02.2018, then it was generally displayed that the account was blocked.
Several times i wrote in technical support that he was blocked by mistake.
With the email that was used when registering the account it was impossible to register again, so I had to wait and on 06/03/2018 it was finally unblocked.

But I was already disappointed by such weak technical support and crooked locking algorithms, so I just deleted the account.
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