Firmware Update for D-Link DES-3028 Switch

First, download the new firmware from the official website of D-Link

Archive with firmware will be unpacked on tftp server.
How to start a tftp server can be read in these articles:
Starting a TFTP server in Windows
Installing and Configuring a TFTP Server in Ubuntu

We connect to the switch via telnet and see what firmware is on it and which one is active:

show firm info

Unnecessary can be removed with the command:

config firmware image_id 2 delete

And load into its place a new (where address of the tftp server):

download firmware_fromTFTP DES_3028_52_V2.94-B22.had image_id 2

If the download does not work, then the firmware file on the TFTP server can be renamed to eg 2.had and run again:

download firmware_fromTFTP 2.had image_id 2

If it does not work, then the problem is more likely with a tftp server or a firewall that can block access.
To check the availability of ip, you can ping directly from the switch:

When the firmware is loaded into the switch it must be done by running the command:

config firmware image_id 2 boot_up

Then save the configuration:


And we will reboot the router so that it boots with the new firmware:



By the way, you can also upload the configuration or logs of the switch to the tftp server:

upload cfg_toTFTP/log_toTFTP file.txt
download cfg_fromTFTP/log_fromTFTP file.txt

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