FoxGate S6224-S4 Firmware Update

On the test, I will update the firmware on the FoxGate S6224-S4 switch (R5) with version (R0058.0010).
I noticed that on this version of the firmware on the switch, the Vlan management interface often fell off, and the switch performed its functions, but was unavailable.

You can view the firmware version by the following command or in the web-interface on the main page:

show version

New firmware can be found on the website:
I used this:

The firmware file with the .img extension will be unpacked from the archive and downloaded to the tftp server.

Next, copy the firmware from the server’s tftp to the switch:

copy tftp:// nos.img

When copying is complete, reboot the device with the command:


Is done. The switch should boot with a new firmware.
The switch settings after the firmware update were not changed.

You can also update the firmware via the Web interface in the menu “Switch basic configuration” – “Firmware update” – “TFTP client service”, where you also need to specify the server’s tftp address and file names.

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