FoxGate Switch Firmware Update via BootROM

To update the FoxGate switch firmware via BootROM, I will describe a few simple steps.

Step 1: Connect through the console port to the switch. It means that we already have the firmware files and they are located on the FTP/TFTP server.
How to start TFTP can be found in these articles:
Starting a TFTP server in Windows
Installing and Configuring a TFTP Server in Ubuntu

Step 2: When turning on the switch, press the key combination Ctrl+B, this will launch the BootROM menu.

Step 3: Run “setconfig” to assign the IP address and netmask to the switch, specify the IP address of the TFTP or FTP server. To check the connection with the server, you can run the “ping” command.

Step 4: Run the commands to download the firmware files to the switch:

load nos.img
write nos.img
load boot.rom
write boot.rom

Step 5: Run the “run” or “reboot” command to return to the command interface. And indicate the start files:

config run
Boot File: [nos.img] nos.img
Config File: [boot.conf]


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