Highlighting logs through Ccze

Install ccze on Ubuntu / Debian:

sudo apt-get install ccze

Syslog highlighting example:

cat /var/log/syslog | ccze -A

Example of exporting the result to an HTML file:

ccze -h < /var/log/syslog > ~/syslog.html

Briefly describe the list of possible launch options:
-a, –argument PLUGIN=ARGUMENT (option allows passing arguments to the specified plugin. Arguments can be separated by a space)
-A, –raw-ansi (enable ANSI source colors)
-c, –color KEY=COLOR (color settings, for keywords)
-C, –convert-date (converting in Unix time to a more readable format)
-F, –rcfile rcfile (rcfile as configuration file at startup)
-h, –html (output the results in HTML format)
-l, –list-plugins (list of all available loaded plugins)
-m, –mode mode (indicating output mode, available: curses, ansi, html)
-o, –options OPTIONS… (specifying additional options)
-p, –plugin PLUGIN (indicates that you need to load only the specified plugin, and not as standard everything, this will speed up the operation a little)
-r, –remove-facility (specifying the logging level, allows you to hide unnecessary messages)
–help (display help)
-V, –version (display program version)

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