Install and use tmux

tmux is a terminal manager that allows you to disconnect from the server without losing processes and history and then connect to the same window (similar to screen).

Installation on Ubuntu / Debian:

sudo apt-get install tmux

An example of joining an existing running tmux manager:

tmux attach

An example of creating a new manager:

tmux new

Briefly describe some key combinations:
Ctrl+b d (disconnect, with the ability to connect later)
Ctrl+b c (create a new window)
Ctrl+b 0 … 9 (go to the specified window)
Ctrl+b p (go to previous window)
Ctrl+b n (go to the next window)
Ctrl+b l (transition to the previous active window from which the transition was performed)
Ctrl+b & (close the window, analogue of the exit command)
Ctrl+b% (split the current panel vertically into two)
Ctrl+b “(split the current panel horizontally into two)
Ctrl+b ↑ ↓ → ← (transition between panels)
Ctrl+b x (closing the panel, analogue of the exit command)
Ctrl+b PgUp (entering the “copy mode”, in which “PgUp” and “PgDown” – scrolling, and “q” – exit the mode)

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