How to disable Windows 10 updates

I’ll describe several options for disabling Windows 10 updates:

1) Disable the update service.
Open the “ Services ” window through the Control Panel, or press the Win+R key combination and in the “ Run ” window, enter:


In the list of services, usually at the end, we find “ Windows Update” , click on it with the left mouse button twice, in the opened window, select “ Startup Type: Disabled “and click the” Stop “button, then click” OK “and close the windows.

2) You can disable the automatic downloading of drivers from the Internet.
Using the Win+R keys, open the “ Run ” window and enter:

rundll32 newdev.dll,DeviceInternetSettingUi

In the window that opens, select “ No, give the option to select “, then for example “ Never install drivers from Windows Update ” and click the “ Save “.

3) You can hide updates by running the official utility Show or hide updates and tapping “Hide updates“.

4) You can also turn on the “ Set as limit connection ” radio button for any network connection by going to “ Settings ” – “ Network and Internet ” and selecting the network connection, after that Windows will not download updates via this network connection.

5) Open the “Local Group Policy Editor” by pressing the Win+R keys and typing:


Select “ Computer Configuration ” -> “ Administrative Templates ” -> “ Windows Components ” -> “ Windows Update “, then on the right” Set up automatic updates “. In the window that opens, select “ Enabled ” and the desired option, for example, “ Download notification and Automatic installation “.

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