Install Hyper-V

I will describe the procedure for adding the Hyper-V role to Windows Server:

1) Open “Server Manager“, select “Action” – “Add Roles” at the top of the menu.

2) On the first page of “Before you start” click “Next“.

3) On the Server Roles page, tick the “Hyper-V“, click “Next” and follow the instructions.

Upon completion, the system will likely need to be rebooted.

I had Windows 10 Pro at hand, then I’ll describe how to enable Hyper-V in it:

1) Open “Control Panel” – “Programs” – “Programs and Features

2) On the left, select “Enable or disable Windows components

3) Put a check mark on Hyper-V and click “OK“, the necessary files will be automatically downloaded via the Internet.

Upon completion, a Hyper-V Manager will appear in the Start menu – Windows Administrative Tools, where you can already create a virtual switch and virtual workstations.

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