Automatic installation ABillS

On the test, I install the ABillS billing system in Ubuntu Server 16.04 using an installer.
I note that the installer can install older versions of components such as Accel-ppp, so I recommend installing everything manually.
See also my article – Installing and configuring the billing system ABillS

Let’s start the automatic installation, download and unpack the archive with the installation script:

sudo apt-get install unzip wget

Run the ABillS installation script:

cd AInstall-master
sudo ./

Select the necessary components, for example, remove “update”, “DHCP”, “Mail”, “MRTG”.

Answer questions during the installation process, for example, the name of network interfaces, etc.
I configured using the IPoE scheme, if I need to see the output of the ifconfig command, for example, press Ctrl+B C to open a new window and then exit to close it (or Ctrl+D).
If a disconnection occurs, you can return to the installation by typing “tmux attach”.

After installation, the admin panel can be opened via the link https://HOST:9443/admin/, the login and password are the same – abills.

After installation, radius did not start, I had to do more:

ln -s /bin/chown /usr/bin/chown
ln -s /bin/chmod /usr/bin/chmod
ln -s /bin/mkdir /usr/bin/mkdir
ln -s /bin/gzip /usr/bin/gzip
ln -s /usr/bin/mysqldump /usr/local/bin/mysqldump
ln -s /bin/ping /sbin/ping

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