Installing and using the Wondershaper

WonderShaper is software for Linux that allows you to limit the speed of data transmission and reception on network interfaces, suitable for home or office computers.

Install into Ubuntu with the command:

sudo apt install wondershaper

Let’s look at the names of network interfaces:

sudo ifconfig -a
ip a

You can see the set limits as follows:

sudo wondershaper eth0

An example of setting a limit in kilobits/s, for example, for downloading 20 Mbps, and for sending 5 Mbps:

sudo wondershaper -a eth0 -d 20000 -u 5000

Or so (depending on the version of wondershaper):

sudo wondershaper eth0 20000 5000

Example of resetting limits:

sudo wondershaper -c -a eth0
sudo wondershaper clear eth0

An example of viewing help:

man wondershaper

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