Quagga. Setting up logging

I will give an example of setting up Quagga logging.

For example, once setting up quagga on the next Ubuntu Server 18, I noticed a lot of entries in the logs:

ZEBRA: Try to set TE Link Param

The server had accel-ppp installed, which often created and removed ipoe interfaces, in the configuration file /etc/quagga/zebra.conf I specified the path to the logs like this:

log file /var/log/zebra.log

In Ubuntu Server 16.04, such messages did not clog the logs, so I decided to specify another logging level by changing the line to:

log file /var/log/zebra.log errors

After that, such informational messages were no longer displayed in the logs. If you do not specify the log level, the default will be “debugging”. If the path to the file is not specified at all and the daemon terminates with an error, then it will try to save the logs here /var/tmp/quagga…crashlog (the existing file is not overwritten, it must be deleted manually).

Logging levels can be as follows:
emergencies, alerts, critical, errors, warnings, notifications, informational, debugging

You can quickly clear a large log file like this:

echo "" > /var/log/zebra.log

To apply the changes to the /etc/quagga/zebra.conf file, I restarted Zebra:

sudo service zebra restart
sudo service zebra status
sudo service bgpd status

Similarly, you can specify the path to the log file and the message level for bgpd and other daemons in their configuration files or console, for example:

log file /var/log/quagga/bgpd.log informational

You can add or remove the display of the severity level in messages:

log record-priority
no log record-priority

You can change the display of time in messages to microseconds:

log timestamp precision <0-6>
no log timestamp precision

Writing the entered commands to logs, including passwords (to disable, you must also restart the daemon):

log commands

Logging to syslog:

log syslog level
no log syslog

Configuring the display of logs in stdout and monitor:

log stdout
log stdout level
no log stdout

log monitor
log monitor level
no log monitor

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