Setting up AutoSSL in cPanel

I will give an example of setting up AutoSSL in cPanel, which installs free three-month certificates, and also periodically renew them automatically. When certificates are installed, they are also configured in the Apache, Dovecot and Exim services.

To activate AutoSSL, you need to open the WHM panel, select “SSL / TLS” – “AutoSSL Management” in the menu, below where “AutoSSL Providers” select “cPanel (provided by Comodo.)” And click “Save”.

In the User Management tab, you can enable or disable AutoSSL users, usually AutoSSL is enabled for all.

To immediately request SSL certificates for all domains without certificates, click at the top “Run AutoSSL for all users”. After that, certificates will usually be installed within 5-10 minutes for all users and all their domains and subdomains. I note that sometimes this process can take much longer.
Domains that already have SSL certificates will not be affected.

In the “Logs” tab you can see the execution process, the log files themselves are saved in /var/cpanel/logs/autossl. In the future, the AutoSSL script will be executed daily, check whether SSL ends and, if necessary, renew them.

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