Solving the error in Zabbix “snmp_parse_oid(): cannot parse OID “MIB””

I noticed once on the new system after importing Zabbix templates that not all data elements work successfully.

And the error is displayed:

snmp_parse_oid(): cannot parse OID “MIB”

As it turned out, the data elements have MIBs instead of OIDs that are not in the system.
For example, the MIB for incoming traffic on the first interface will be ifInOctets.1, and OID
Here in more detail you can see examples SNMP OID and MIB for interfaces
Therefore, the solution to this error will be either editing all the elements of the template, we will change the MIB to OID, or the option is easier – to install MIBs that are not in the system, if these are standard MIBs, then they can be installed as I described in this article – Installing MIB in Ubuntu and Solving the Error “SNMP Cannot Find Module …”

In the end, we will necessarily restart snmpd and zabbix-server:

sudo service snmpd restart
sudo service zabbix-server restart


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