Solving the Zabbix problem “icmp pinger processes more than 75% busy”

Message “Zabbix icmp pinger processes more than 75% busy” it means that the process or processes performing ping hosts are overloaded.
To solve this problem, you need to open the zabbix server configuration file, for example, via the nano editor:

sudo nano /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf

Next, find the parameter StartPingers in it, if it is 1 and commented out, then you can increase it for example by 5 and uncomment (remove the # symbol before it).
By this we increase the number of processes performing ICMP Ping, accordingly the load will be distributed and reduced.
To save changes in the nano editor, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+O, then Enter. To exit Ctrl+X.

After the manipulations, you must reboot the Zabbix server with the command:

service zabbix-server restart

Also, the load can be reduced by increasing the “Update interval” in the template parameters. To do this, go to the Zabbix Web interface under the administrator and click Settings – Templates, select the “Data items” on the required template, open the ping data item and find the “Update interval (in sec)“. The values of 180 (three minutes) or more I think is quite enough.

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  1. I have a specific question about icmp pinger, i am trying to ping 1600 IPs, I understand that the StartPingers max value is 1000. My questions are:

    The only alternative to take out “icmp pinger processes more than 75% busy” problem is with update interval value?

    What update interval value do you recomend for this case ?