How to configure PPPoE in Mikrotik

To configure the PPPoE connection, open the web interface of the device by opening the link (its standard ip address) in any browser.
Then in the menu, open the tab “PPP“, push the button “Add” (red plus if via Winbox), choose “PPPoE Client“.
In the window that opens, specify the connection parameters, in the first tab “General” we indicate:

Name: (any word in English, this will be your PPP connection name)
Interfaces: ether1 (specify the WAN interface that looks towards the provider or PPPoE server)

Next, open the tab “Dial Out” and specify:
User: (PPP user name)
Password: (password)
Put a tick “Add Default Route” (if the routes are to be set automatically)
Put a tick “Use Peer DNS

Click “OK“, after which the connection will be configured and the letter “R” which means that the connection was successful.
If the letter does not appear, you can see the logs by clicking on the menu on the left “Log“, by which you can determine the connection error.