The solution to the warning “Lack of Free Swap Space on Zabbix Server”

Put somehow on a new Linux server Zabbix and immediately began to display the following warning:

Lack of Free Swap Space on Zabbix Server

The warning says that there is no place in the Swap section, having seen that there is no Swap partition at all, it’s strange that when installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with the option to use the entire disk it was not created automatically, there was only 6 GB of RAM on the server.

On this solution of the problem in my case was the creation of the Swap partition, after which the warning disappeared.
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Well, if there is a lot of RAM and it’s free basically, then Swap can make no sense, so you can simply turn off the trigger for this server creating a notification. To do this, open the Zabbix panel, go to the “Settings” tab – “Network nodes”, in front of this server, click “Triggers” and deactivate the trigger creating this warning.