Using ethtool

ethtool – a utility for configuring network interfaces in Linux.

You can install ethtool in Ubuntu / Debian using the command:

sudo apt-get install ethtool

Let’s look at the names of network interfaces:

ifconfig -a

Switch to root, as some commands require elevated privileges:

sudo -i

Example of viewing eth0 settings:

ethtool eth0

Example of viewing information about the network interface driver:

ethtool -i eth0

Viewing Network Interface Statistics:

ethtool -S eth0

View auto-negotiation settings:

ethtool -a eth0

The LED blinks for 3 seconds on the specified network interface:

ethtool -p eth0 3

Network Interface Test:

ethtool -t eth0 online/offline

View the current and maximum size of TX and RX buffers:

ethtool -g eth0

Manual speed setting of 100 Mb Full Duplex on the specified network interface (the specified parameters will be reset after the system restart):

ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full

Viewing help about ethtool:

ethtool -h

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